I have taken 30 lessons from Shawn over a 4 year period. I have thoroughly enjoy each lesson and eagerly look forward to the next. Shawn is a marvelous, patient and highly communicative teacher, full of enthusiasm for the game. Each lesson, we explore new areas to improve my game. But, we also continuously review the fundamentals which deepens my understanding of them since they are so critical to game improvement. I leave every lesson with clearer insights on what I need to do to further improve, which is very motivating. Shawn is always positive, upbeat and encouraging, especially when the progress I am making may not be as readily apparent as I might like it to be.

I would enthusiastically recommend Shawn to anyone who has a passion for the game and really wants to improve. I am a far better player, and have far more fun playing, as a result of Shawn’s instruction.  

Ronald C. Kiskis | President, Chevron Oronite Company LLC

I have taken lessons from Shawn for several years and find him to be an outstanding teacher! He has a great eye for the golf swing and uses technology to augment his teaching.  This is invaluable in that it allows the student to observe themselves and to make the necessary corrections.  He communicates these changes in terms that all of us can understand and provides check points that allow you to work on things in between lessons. In addition, he provides you with the tools to help you diagnose the flaws in your swing allowing you to make needed corrections during the course of play.  I have found my lessons to be extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend that anyone looking to raise their game to the next level should work with Shawn!

Jim Reed

Lucky stars strike twice!

After losing my favorite golf instructor, the legendary Jim Lucius of the Olympic Club rated one of the top instructors in the country by Golf Digest, to his battle with cancer I wondered if I would ever find someone with his skills.

It was my lucky day when I began instruction with Shawn McEntee. Taking me under his wing I was able to advance from a reasonable golfer with a 16-18 handicap to a much more consistent single digit handicap player.

Shawn’s insight and excellent teaching skills provide easy to understand techniques that have allowed me to analysis and correct my swing both on the range and the course on my own. His use of props and video enhance the experience.

Be as lucky as me and give Shawn a try!

Robin Murray

In September 2013 we held our first Annual GSOpen Golf Tournament. Since it was our first time putting on a tournament, I reached out to Shawn McEntee to essentially be the host of the event and oversee all aspects of the tournament. He assisted us with the tournament format, tee and winner prizes, gift bags, and auction details. It was basically a turn-key event. We had 117 players, a great day of golf and first class auction. We raised over $20,000 for charity and it would not have been nearly as successful without Shawn’s guidance and expertise. For anybody looking to host a golf tournament, Shawn will make you look very good! I have also had the pleasure of taking lessons from Shawn and can honestly say that not only has he helped improve my game, but he has made golf a lot more enjoyable.

Brad LaPoint | President, Golden State Orthopaedics